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Leather package questions

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I am not a big fan of leather seats. Too hot and sticky in summer, too cold in winter, slip sliding in the turns... Unfortunately the color and options combination I want is not available in my area at the moment and I can't wait 3 months for an order. But there is one available with the leather package so I am trying to get excited about it.
The one potentially good thing I saw about that package, is that the Passat catalog says that it includes "Dual lumbar support on front seats". What exactly is this "Dual support"? I went by a dealer this morning and peeked through the window and only saw the two "normal" adjusting wheels (for the reclining and the standard lumbar adjustment) on the left side of the driver seat. I did not see a second lumbar. Is this for real? Where is it hidden? Does it make a big difference?
Besides that, are there any other differences between the velours seats and the leather package seats besides the material and the heating availability?
Thank you very much.
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Re: Leather package questions (lebodde)

I wonder if they meant dual as in one for the driver and one for the passenger. Our B5.5 GLX wagon only has one for each seat.
Re: Leather package questions (SpecialKDog1)

Yeah, like SpecialKDog1 said -- by "dual" they mean one in the driver's seat and one on the front passenger seat.
Re: Leather package questions (SpecialKDog1)

Yes, dual means one for each front seat...driver and passenger. The manual seats accomplish this with a large dial on the side of each front seat. This is located above the lower dial on both the seats (two dials on each seat outer side...one for recline, one for lumbar)

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Re: Leather package questions (lebodde)

Whoa guys, I need to correct a mistake. Dual Lumbar support is also found on very expensive office chairs. Basically it forces your torso into a position that correctly supports your back and spine. Most cars have a single lumbar ridge which is about 5 inches from your knees downward towards the scoop of your chair. Some cars like our VW's have lumbar controls for the midback as well.
While in college I used to work for the Healthy Back Store in Downtown DC which sold high-end ergonomic office chairs. I remember reading somewhere that automotive seats should have excellent lumbar contours which place you in a comfortable position for long driving distances and limit your movement during an accident. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
You may want to talk to an orthopedic surgeon or a chiropractor for more information.

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