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Less coolant, more water and Redline Watter wetter.

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I put in about 20-25% G12, Redline watter wetter and rest distilled water. Coolant temp gauge stayed the same as ususally. Sometimes I wonder if that damn thing even works. Oil temps dropped by up to 14 deg. However, it's been cold here lately so will see when temps rise. Oh yeah, it takes longer to warm up too.
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Re: Less coolant, more water and Redline Watter wetter. (EuroTrash2)

Odd, your water temps, should've come down a bit. You can cut it further. I've run 90% distilled to 10% G12 with great results. I've also run pure distilled occasionally and that runs REALLY cool. Do you have a stock thermostat?
Re: Less coolant, more water and Redline Watter wetter. (VR6guy)

Most water temp guages are seriously over-dampened. That's the factory's way of keeping you from freaking out when it starts to get a little warmer than usual.
Re: Less coolant, more water and Redline Watter wetter. (mityVR6)

Agreed. Don't rely on the temp gauge in your instrument panel. It'll stay at 190 even when the temp hits over 200. If you want to know for sure, use a VAG-COM or add an aftermarket gauge.
That's probably why you're seeing your oil temp drop.
I would be a little cautious going too weak on the G12. While pure water is most efficient for cooling, it does nothing to protect your cooling system from corrosion. I would stick with the minimum recommended percentage, which I believe is 40%.
Re: Less coolant, more water and Redline Watter wetter. (JettaRed)

40% would kill your VR6 down here. Guys in warm climes have gone through it all with VR6s (esp. if you have a Corrado like me). My Corrado is 9 years old and I have never had one cooling system issue aside from a bum thermostat last week. No corroded radiator, no cracking hoses, no pitting of the cylinder head, nothing. I think even a bit of factory coolant is sufficient to protect against corrosion. Then again, I flush my coolant like 3 times a year, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I just look at it this way: the factory specifies a 50:50 ratio for all markets. Don't you think somebody is running less than optimal setup when a car in South Florida is spec'd the same as one in Canada?
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