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2018 SQ5
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Hey folks, soon-to-be dad beginning a search for a small-family SUV (with an emphasis on sport, I hope). I'm on my 3rd GTI but I'm afraid the 2dr mk7 needs to make way for something with a bit more space and flexibility-hoping to pick your collective brains for thoughts and alternate perspectives!

Constraints and details:
1) Budget: $55-60k
2) Daily commute: 70mi
3) Needs AWD
4) No need for 3rd row
5) Safety, car seat compatibility necessary
6) At least 300mi range
7) Some towing capacity
8) Charging stations at work and in town (including superchargers), can install a 220v at home

Full disclosure here: it’s been over 5 years since I’ve taken a good look at the SUV landscape and never through the lens of family-friendly options-I'm likely omitting plenty of viable candidates. Here’s where I am at the moment (presented in order of current preference):

1) New/CPO SQ5
As an aside there’s quite a bit of dealer markup for SQ5s; MSRP for new models on audi’s website is around $50k and local dealers are looking for $60k+! How does this generally work out during negotiations?

2) New Q5e
3) Model Y
4) Volvo XC60

Although I haven’t driven any of these yet I anticipate the SQ5 will be a lot of fun and will keep my daily drive interesting-this is important to me. Moreover, I’m leaning towards the SQ5 as we tend to have a good amount of cargo already (dogs, crate etc) and wonder if the 2.0T in the base Q5 (260hp/270tq) might be taxed a bit too much with AWD and increased weight (let me know if I’m off-base here). The Q5e seems pretty interesting as well with a modest increase in mpg and increased power and might alleviate those concerns. The model Y is on my radar for sure, but I wonder if things will be a bit cramped after a car seat and some cargo.

Really appreciate any input, suggestions etc here-thanks a bunch in advance and let me know what you think!

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With your daily commute distance and no need for a third row, I would look for a 2015 CPO Touareg. Also, are you set on getting an SUV? If not I would also recommend a Volvo V60. They also have the V60 Polestar plugin hybrid coming out as well which is pretty sporty. Just some thoughts.
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