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Lexan windows for A2s. Where? Need weight loss.

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I've seen A2 cars with Lexan quarter panel windows. I'm anticipating that my car is going to get bumped to B prepared where I will be forced to race stripped out race ready Corvettes. My local sactioning body is doing this in the name of fairness.
Even though my machine never scored higher than 2nd place and all races were one by .1 of a second. Hmph...
Sorry for the rant. Anyhoo. My only hope to be anything that remotely resembles competition to these vettes it to loose weight and putt on wider rubber.
Any weight loss tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Lexan windows for A2s. Where? Need weight loss. (need_a_VR6)

quote:[HR][/HR]If you're talking about the car listed in your sig, then SCCA Street Modified might be just for you http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif [HR][/HR]​
Ya right. Street Mod... The local Gestapo sanctioning body is adopting SM but they are not allowing Race compound tires.
My car is making 170 ft/lbs or torque right at 2000 RPM when the dyno starts mapping. On top of that you can't do any weight reduction.
I was forced to autocross with street performance tires once. What a complete nightmare. Picture a kangaroo on ice or an basset hound running and trying to turn on a marble floor. That's how my car handled.
Once I realized there was no hope in being competitive I did have a little fun impressing the crowd with 1st-2nd gear burnouts and massive rally style drifts. Traction and speed are much much more fun.
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