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well I got one of those really nasty chocolate "bon-bon's" today.
I found out I have a nasty coolant leak into my oil. I just drained an ice cream bucket and a half of chocolate milk out of my car.
I am not happy. Now instead of swapping the head in april/may, I need to get it done pronto. So, I have to go double time on my head work, borrow a grand from my parents so that I can get it swapped by mid-march at the latest.
In the mean time I "get" to change my oil weekly and worry constantly. Hopefully, even with the loan from the parents I won't run out of money by the time I need it swapped. I usually find hidden cost all the time. plus, I need to get my header ceramic coated, buy a new O2 sensor, finish polishing my manifold, etc., etc., etc.
wow, I am just a bundel of joy today.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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