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Light Bulb For HVAC Controls

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I've lost the light for the HVAC controls on my 2000 GTI and its driving me insane. I've got the dash apart, but can't see the bulb. Can anyone tell me where it is? Thanks!
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Re: Light Bulb For HVAC Controls (nobbyv)

It's behind the middle knob on the HVAC controls. Just pull the knob out and you'll see it.
Re: Light Bulb For HVAC Controls (nobbyv)

ouch, i hate to be the one to tell ya, but replacing the bulb doesn't require any taking apart of the dash.
what you DO want to do is this:
1) get some pliers, and a towel.
2)grab the fan speed knob with the pliers (of course, with the towel there so it doesn't scratch it). Yank, and it comes off.
3) you'll see the bulb in there, you'll use some tubing OR you can try the method I used: a small set of needlenose pliers w/ some duct tape wrapped BACKWARDS on it so the sticky side is facing itself, sticks to the bulb.
4) pull the bulb straight out
5) insert new bulb.
Re: Light Bulb For HVAC Controls (jaydub)

Here's a diagram for you. http://www.20vturbo.com/tsb/mirror/pdf/v859902.pdf

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Re: Light Bulb For HVAC Controls (BostonMk4)

check out my site http://www.vwmkiv.com/aclight.htm that should help
Re: Light Bulb For HVAC Controls (jettanjax)

Thanks for the responses, guys, I found it. I had the dash apart anyway; had to replace the glove box door, which of course has a busted hinge. Thanks again!
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