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lightened flywheels

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Does anyone know where I can get a lightweight flywheel for my 91 8v GTI.
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Re: lightened flywheels (john stephenson)

ask deider....he might have the group buy goin on...his aim is canoedJ i bought one from the group buy it will be in by friday(i hope) ill tell ya how it feels
Re: lightened flywheels (john stephenson)

john where were yah 2 months ago???
I was up to my ass in lightend flywheels! I am afraid the group buy is over but you can still buy them from TRM performance. Tracy is a good guy and will take care of whatever you need. He sells em for $130 I think??

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Re: lightened flywheels (Dieder)

RPI Sells them too with no core return necessary......
Re: lightened flywheels (john stephenson)

i have the in stock with no core for less than rpi
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