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Lightening Mk1 Scirocco (78-81) US bumpers

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Hello all,
I just finished a project that might be of some interest to all you Mk1 owners.
I found a way to considerably lighten the F/R US bumpers while retaining the stock look and still have decent 'parking by brail' protection.
I did not have a scale to measure how much the weight savings was but I would say they are now close to 1/2 of what they weighed before.
Check out:
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Re: Lightening Mk1 Scirocco (78-81) US bumpers (Sirocco)

So basically you cut the rebar reinforcement. What about the shock mounts, did you do anything to them? I was wondering how you colapse them and make the bumper closer to the grill so that the bumper insert pieces can be eliminated. Also I would like to replace the shocks with some simple brackets made of maybe flat steel or box section for a little strenght. That would probly drop another 5lbs.

[Modified by A1Rocco, 9:50 PM 12-4-2001]
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