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Lights dimming problem

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My warranty is up in several months and I was wondering if anyone has solved the nagging lights dimming problem at redlights... My guess is that the engine is charging the battery... the battery is about two years old... should I pursue the dealership for a new battery or new alternator before the time is up?... or am I just wasting my time and just buy a new battery.
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Re: Lights dimming problem (Sheba)

It's probably a waste of time. If you haven't burnt through a couple headlight bulbs I wouldn't worry about it. (why fix it if it's not broke?)
But if you want, get the alternator tested to make sure it's putting out enough juice. Then maybe you'll need to replace it or get a stronger battery?

Re: Lights dimming problem (noR)

Make sure both battery cables are nice and tight.

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Re: Lights dimming problem (Sheba)

I had the same problem on my 2001 turbo. It turned out that it was a faulty alternator. Until they replaced it, at various time during driving or sitting still, my headlights would dim down a notch or two, then return to the correct brightness.
Re: Lights dimming problem (spiglet)

That is just the way the car is. It's not a bug, it's a feature.
Re: Lights dimming problem (spiglet)

How did you guys convince the dealer that this is a real problem?
I've been complaining about this since I bought mine in May, and the service dept. still can't verify any problem.
Re: Lights dimming problem (Sheba)

I've got the same problem on my 99 turbo, vw finally relaced the alternator wich has a built in voltage regulator but I'm still having the same problem. I'm a t 50,000 but been going to them since I was under the warranty so they continue to cover it underr warranty . Why does it do this?????? I'm tired of it and it happens more frequently.
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