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Re: Little help please? I need CE2 wiring diagrams bad.. real bad. (reeo)

nevermind i dont think my car is ce2 anymore..

my fuse box:

Quote, originally posted by Eric D »
Another tell tale sign is the slider on the rear of the fuseblock, this is used to release the plugs in the rear. The non-CE2 fuseblocks have no such slider and all it's plugs are big with multi wires, while the CE2 are all 2 row plugs in various sizes. A few other items of all on non-CE2 fuseblocks is the locking tab below fuse 18, and 3 spare fuse holders, the CE2 doesn't have either.

i think i see three fuse holders and a locking tab below fuse 18..
grrr. so confusing.
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