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On location at the Fascination quattro event in Mont Tremblant, Quebec last week we had the opportunity to have dinner with quattro GmbH boss Stefan Reil. We're guessing, if you're anything like us, you'd ask pretty much every question you could think of about the amazing mix of cars this man has been or currently is responsible. If it's got four rings and an RS or R in its designation, figure Herr Reil is in charge of it.

So one of the things we brought up was that of that unfortunate R8 GT that reportedly driven by a 30 year old who lost control and did a bit of guard rail pin ball before the car came to a rest and burnt to a hulk of aluminum slag after the occupants safely exited the vehicle.

Good news says Stefan Reil. That was a preproduction prototype and doesn't count towards the 333 planned for series production. In fact, these cars aren't yet in private hands... something that we should have caught even if the local reporting German TV station hadn't.

Turns out the crash was in a heavy rain and on a notorious bend in the autobahn where drainage isn't the best. The speed limit is about 80 klicks from what Stefan told us but looking at the damage we're guessing the test driver who was driving the vehicle may have over shot that pace. Either way, he walked away from the event and so too did the surviving (or rather soon to be produced) production run of 333 units.
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