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I know this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find it in the archives...
Can anyone enlighten me to the typical loaner policy expected from A) VWoA, and B) individual dealers.
I expect B ranges the gamut between "go to hell" and "here, have a loaner for scheduled maintenance", but maybe a survery would do us well here.
As far as A goes, I assume there's no policy that VWoA will provide, or recommend that dealers provide, loaner cars.
I'm speaking strictly for in-warranty work. Not scheduled maint. or out-of-warranty or damage repair.
In a casual conversation with a service writer at my dealer this evening (who I believe deals more with the Porsche end of things), I was told that VW doesn't offer it, for anything short of initial delivery damage/defects. I was also told that this particular dealer did not offer them under any other circumstances. When I mentioned a previous conversation with service personnel at this dealer in which I was told that repairs under warranty that took more than a full day to complete would be allocated a loaner, he told me flat out that whoever told me this was wrong. He also implied that NO dealer would have an individual policy on this - it's all VW's decision. He also stated that a service writer had been fired after giving loaners for VW work. Unfortunately I don't have a record of my phone conversation, but I do believe I was tranferred to the service manager for the dealer, who would _have_ to know the policy. Too bad I don't have it in writing.
Well, he basically jumped down my throat and I'm a little irritated, so bear that in mind. However, the implication here is that based on his statements, NO dealer in the US would offer a loaner for ANY warranty work, except as noted above for delivery problems.
Surely this can't be the case! I would very much appreciate any input here from both folks who have been given loaners for warranty work, as well as those who have been denied.
I'd also like to state that I don't necessarily feel obligated to a loaner car except in certain serious defect cases. I'm really just trying to get a handle on policy in general, as well as for my own satisfaction prove that this guy isn't as informed as he thinks he is. I'm not trying to finagle my way into getting a loaner car, nor is my point that it should be offered - that was never my objective. Based on this fellow's response though, he probably thought that was where I was headed. Who knows, maybe he just had a worse day than I did today....
Thanks for reading, and hopefully responding...

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Re: Loaner policy (nyibpass)

Well, this "service writer" is not only a discredit to his Dealership, but VWOA as
well...VWOA has had a *Service Loaner* Policy is place for over 3 years...
In the past, before 2002, VW Dealers could put a car into the *Service Loaner*
Program and be compensated for its "time in service"...up to $1500 for a
Passat "in service" for 180 days...This car would no longer qualify for any
Subvented financing or Incentive money. Were these cars used as *Service
Loaners*...maybe by 10% of the Dealers, nationwide...there is always 10%.
As part of the new Brand Standards Program, which rolled out in January 2002, compensation for *Service Loaners* will continue to be paid, but with
the understanding that random Audits will be performed, and if a car is not
actually being used for it's intended purpose the monies will be charged back,
and the car's Status will remain the same * Not qualifying as a New Car* and
therefore not qualifying for Rate or incentive monies when they apply...
Your experience at this store leaves much to be desired...I would pursue
another Dealership...fast!
As part of all VW Warranties since 1994, there is Trip Interruption Protection
which provides for recompensation of up to $100 a day for alternative transportation if you are over 100 miles from your home and if your car is
not driveable and cannot be repaired in a day. For 2002 cars this is 48M/50K.
The purpose of the Service Loaner Program is to facilitate a Local Customer
in time of need...Regularly Scheduled Maintenance does not exactly qualify
as need because most every Dealership maintains a *shuttle*, and All VW
Driver's have someone that will give them a ride back to the Dealership to
pick up their car...
Would it be nice to give ever service customer a *Service Loaner*, of course
it would...Would it be fiscally sound...no, no, no...These cars belong to the
Dealer; not VWOA, and what that means is that the Dealer has to provide Full
Coverage Insurance + $100K-$500K liabilty...then, of course you have to bear
in mind that there will be people smoking in these cars, although they will swear on a stack of Bibles that they won't. Not too mention generous shares
of a Big Mac, or an Ice Cream cone...
So, like most things in this life, it becomes a compromise...measured by good
business sense...

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Re: Loaner policy (nyibpass)

quote:[HR][/HR]ICan anyone enlighten me to the typical loaner policy expected from A) VWoA, and B) individual dealers.
I expect B ranges the gamut between "go to hell" and "here, have a loaner for scheduled maintenance", but maybe a survery would do us well here.
As far as A goes, I assume there's no policy that VWoA will provide, or recommend that dealers provide, loaner cars.[HR][/HR]​
vwguild gave the long answer, but the short answer is: you are correct.
Some dealers will let you use a loaner, others will have a deal with a nearby rental place to give a discounted rental, and others don't do it at all (unless it'll be quite some time before your car is returned). The lesser of the last group will tell you to piss off, while others will just not have vehicles set aside for it (and as vwguild mentioned, the amount of funds to be able to afford a loaner program).
If they treat you bad on asking about a loaner, then who knows what else they might handle badly...

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Re: Loaner policy (vwguild)

Thanks for chiming in, VWGuild. I don't really expect to be dealing with this guy for my service needs, since as I said before he seems to be on the Porsche side of the counter. However, on the off chance that I do wind up in conversation with him, or he brings up the subject, it'd be nice to have some sort of bulletin, etc, referencing the service loaner policy that I could hand him?
Kind of like the TSB on floor mats that you can hand a tech who doesn't know about them.... the light bulb goes on...
As far as the dealer, they have been mostly helpful so far and never been problematic - I'm talking about the service writers who have done work on the car, both schedule maint. and minor defect issues. All have been resolved to my satisfaction.

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Re: Loaner policy (nyibpass)

what i dont understand is why dealers give brand new cars as loaners. if i were a dealer i would much rather give a 3-4 yr old trade in as a loaner as it wont depreciate much by the mileage.
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