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Re: locks gummed to poop, and pieces arent connected. (breakfasteatre)

Quote, originally posted by breakfasteatre »
as well, any tips on ungumming the locks?

Suspect you mean latch, this is the problem, not the locks on our cars.
Remove the latch, there is an access hole on the bottom to stick a small flat blade screwdriver in to keep the remote controll lever open, it is hooked on the wire with a hook on it(connected to inside handle), you will see it when you take out the two allen screws the at hold the latch on to the door.
Take the plastic off the locking lever.(Connected to locking knob)
Wash the latch in gas or other solvent, need only a 1.5 cups in a small pail. Do them all, dry and put lots of fresh grease inside, then with a screwdriver up the access hole to keep the remote control lever extended to hook on the hooked wire.(you'll have to pry out the remote lever out before shoving in the screwdriver)
Remove your door handles, wash in solvent with a used toothbrush, lube with grease, light grease or trans. fluid, many diff. thoughts here. WD-40(red extension tube inside the cyl. by key hole) in the lock cyl to lube and remove moisture for the winter(no frozen locks)
Now your doors will open like new.
Hope you find this helpful
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