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Long shot but....

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Has anyone had a problem with the Power steering sometime working and other times not?
I dont get belt squeel, but sometimes I have excellent power steering - then poof- gone.
Is this a common issue?
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Re: Long shot but.... (g60vwr)

No, I haven't but I'm familiar with hydraulics. There could be air in the system, or not enough fluid (probably not). Check those things. Also maybe occasionally the belt slips from the pump?
Re: Long shot but.... (87vr6)

I was thinking air, but I followed the manual instructions (lock to lock hold) but no good
there should be another way to diagnose if there is air trapped in the lines.
Re: (sillyrabbitTRIXr4kids)

it happens to me sometimes when im going straight and just barely turn it left a little, it gets stiff for just a quick second
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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