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im looking at these TSB's since my gf's car is going in tomorrow. Now, is there a place that can tell me how to check for symptoms of failure of whatever the TSB suggests? also, i hear window regulators and coil packs are common on the 1.8t engines? and jettas? if my gf's havent failed, can i still have them replace them since they could possibly become defective?
also, what does DTC mean? if you look at #5 it says "misfires on DTC's set" and i keep seeing that, what does it mean? my gf's CEL came on so i think it could be misfire related since everything else is running OK.
also, #11 states something about alloy wheel cleaning, could this be something about the Wolfsburg BBS rim pitting?
and one more thing, how reliable are these TSB numbers? i did a search on the tex and came up w/ a TSB number: VWA-03-32 for the MAF sensor failure but that TSB number is nothing like what the TSB numbers on this site look like. I want to have them handy when i see the dealer so they dont try to say nothings wrong and then i can pull out the TSB on their azzes

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