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Looking at GLS or MV. Compare to Odyssey?

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I am starting to look for a Minivan and I am considering the Odyssey and also the EuroVan. I am not sure what version of the VW is better or what are the advantages or disadvantages of them. I like the look of having the table but do you lose space?
I also looked at the dimensions and it look like the Odyssey is actually longer than the EuroVan. What are your observations and what mage you pick the VW. I love my Passat and it is the 4th VW I have owned so I am hooked on the brand.
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Totally different animals.....

The oddesy is a fantastic mini van, based on a car chassis, and is great for people who carry people daily or short distances, imho. The Eurovan is based on a true truck/frame chassis, and is a much heavier duty vehicle. The eurovan is a much more substansial feeling vehicle, and has much more usable interior space. You can actually almost stand up and walk around in the Eurovan (I'm 6'9" , so I certainly have to duck, but kids can walk around at full height), it has great visibility for a van, handles very well, had the added benefit of ESP, and is really a strong built (typical german) vehicle. Go drive them both and decide what's best for you. You know what I bought, so you know what my opinion is.
Write back if you have any specific questions.
Mike S
Re: Totally different animals..... (SSPEurovan)

If you are looking for a really usable all-purpose van - one that you can carry lots of "stuff" in as well as people, go with the Eurovan. I went with the MV because the seats are much easier to get out, and the back seat folds flat for carrying things as well as sleeping on. It's a very stable and comfortable highway cruiser, too.
Re: Looking at GLS or MV. Compare to Odyssey? (bytebank)

I can speak to the crash worthyness of the Eurovan. My wife and son were rear-ended by a truck with trailer while stopped to make a left turn. The truck was traveling at about 40 MPH on a rain slick road. My wife and son were unhurt, and I was actually able to drive the Eurovan about 20 miles to the body shop. I had several conversations with the technician at the body shop, and he confirmed that it was one of the strongest vehicles he has ever had to straighten and taxed his straightening equipment. If you plan to put your family in it - go Eurovan.
Re: Looking at GLS or MV. Compare to Odyssey? (bytebank)

I will say this: The Odyssey is a Honda. It is an excellent vehicle. But I wouldnt ake it over a EV anyday. The new ones are real sweet, the table does not get in the way at all, it simply folds into the side panel.
The Odyssey is more practical, but the EV is far more versatile. I think my friend put it best when he said: "It drives so much like a GTI you forget how big it is, until you have to park it".
You already own a pug, you'd never actually give buying the Honda a second guess, but your superego made you commit to 'comparison shop'. Buy an MV, in black magic, and enjoy
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Re: Looking at GLS or MV. Compare to Odyssey? (bytebank)

I was scheduled to go on a Disney vacation on Sept 24th but after the events on Sept 11th my wife would not fly so we decided to drive. I have been putting off buying a new minivan but decided now was the time to act. I was basically sold on the Honda but it would have been a three month wait. I talked my wife into looking at the Eurovan MV. We bought it and were driving it three days later.
Now for the trip experience. It was awsome. I have a 4 year old girl and 15 month old son adnwas driving from Massachusetts to Florida. In the rear of the van we had a large double stroller, suitcases packed with cloths for 4 for a week, a portable crib, plus some other stuff and I could still see out the rear window. In the middle I removed the seat closest to the door and put a larg cooler there with a 9 inch TV/dvd player I got at BJ's adnwe were off. This thing rides great. The kids watched movies, slept, and even ate lunch back there. My whife was able to go back and do crafts with my daughter at the table as well.
Also, just this past week I had to drive it in a snow storm for the first time. Lots of visability and great handling. This is my first experience with ABS and I will never get another car without it and as for the ESP I tried to make this thing slide and it still drove straight as an arrow. This is even before I had the snow tires put on it. BTW, VW are offering 4 snow tires with rims and covers for $150 on a new Eurovan. You have to buy them if it snows where you are.
Other notes. I bought after market floor mats at http://www.roadworksauto.com which fit perfectly. Another must have.
As for the Honda. I love Honda. We also have a CRV but I am really glad the Eurovan MV is what we ended up with. I would NOT have bought the GLS. I do not like the seat configuration and without the extra side door it could be a pain to get in and out of. I love watching people trying to get there kids in and out of the third row seat of other minivans.
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Re: Looking at GLS or MV. Compare to Odyssey? (GMGG)

Thanks for that great post. I was wondering if you could set up the back like an entertainment center and have lunch etc while driving. It always kills me to make great time and then lose an hour for lunch and some more for snacks. I am going to start looking next year.
My Peugeot is still holding up. It has three rows of seating and is real practical but you can't move around and do what you are doing in the EV.
Next step .... Test Drive
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Re: Looking at GLS or MV. Compare to Odyssey? (bytebank)

In my family we had to get a Honda Odessy to replace our 5spd Eurovan. In my opinion I think the Eurovan is a lot for comfertable for longer range trips. The longest I was in the Honda was 2-3 Hours and I was already uncomfortable, but in the Eurovan I was comfortable from FL to NY. Also the third row of the Eurovan is much I mean much roomier than the Honda the seats are full size on the EV, bot just a bench. Driving wise I never drove my parents Eurovan since it broke down one month before I was going to drive it. From what I heard it is a lot easier to park with the EV than the Honda. In the Honda you can't really see in front of the dashboard thus making it hard to predict in tight parking areas. The biggest problem with our Eurovan was that every time in service there was a alway some sort of problem and we spent arount 10,000 or more on repairs
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