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looking for 15x5 steel wheel in 5x100.......for spare tire setup

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I'm going to be running 16x7 wheels with 205/45 tires. I want to have something along the lines of a spare, that will fit in the stock spares place (spare well in hatch).
I'd like a 15x5, so that I can run a 185/60 tire (similar OAD to the 205/45/16's.
If you know where this size of wheel could be obtained in 5x100, please post. I know there are many 15x6's in use by misc manufactures, but want to stay as "trim" as possible.
Again, I want this to be as small and compact as possible, while still retaining an OAD close to that which I'll be running on the car (~23.3").
So any suggestions that would put me close to the 23.3" OAD would be great!

The only musts, are that it needs to be 5x100, with a workable offset.
Any ideas?
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