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2008 VW Rabbit 2000 VW Beetle
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A new member here... who is looking for Golf with I5 2.5 only with MT.
That would be getting the 2.5 for me, but also as a car for my daughter.
Preferably a 5-door one, not really the Rabbit. Eventually Jetta, but Golf speaks more.

What I need from you folks, a good feedback which years are absolutely to avoid, and which are worth to get.
And of course any other tips or warnings. I heard about timing chain issues with pre 2008... real danger?

BTW, back in 90's my father had a 1982 Passat with 1.9 (or maybe 2.0) I5.
I loved this engine and its sound. Hence I want to get back to it.

As you may see - my rides are different, so different experience with different cars. I change cars every couple of years, what my wife hates. It is an addiction.
Previous: 2014 Fiat 500e, 2016 KIA Forte5 SX, 2016 Fiat 500X, and some old days: Trabant, Fiat 126p
I have a 2008 rabbit with the 5 speed. these cars are stupid reliable. timing chains were an issue pre-08 but I dont know how serious that was. only a few things to look out for, main one is the vacuum pump for failing and leaking oil.

I beat on my car almost every day and it hasn't given up on me yet. just crossed 91k yesterday. as long as it's been properly maintained, you should be ok.
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