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I would sell you mine, im in NY though. Trust me when I say near mint condition, I bought it at 88K, now it has 90xxx miles. The previous owner was an elderly guy, who traded it in for a mercedes benz. A local high end dealership went for it for resale, because thats how great the condition was, normally they sell ferraris, aston martins, lambs, porsches, you get the idea. SO i bought it with brand new tires, brand new brakes all around, ALL OEM. The head lights look brand spanking new. Since ive bought it, an drove it only for 2000 miles, (since february 2011), ive done the following preventive maintenance work within the last week.

K&N replacement filter
Coolant water pipe (crackpipe)
70 degree thermstat
Thermostat housing
Coolant temp sensor
New low radiator hose (from the main hose to the electric water pump)
Brand new 6 coils
Brand new spark plugs
New shock mounts and bearings
Poly-urethane front control arm bushings
Poly-urethane dogbone bushings
Oil change. MOBIL 1 synthetic

Future plans are to replace the center console because it has scratches. Brake fluid flush to higher temp brembo fluid. Stainless steel lines. The cars freaking brakes as is are amazing. Clutch is strong as hell. I never abused the car. fastest i ever went was 80mph, just to see what kind power it has. Ive owned two glx jettas with 12vr6 in the past. This is my first 24v.

Seats barely look like they are driven in.

Everything works.

Just detailed the car myself yesterday, engine bay, door jambs, under the hood.

I had the alignment done after the control arm bushing install, and balanced the wheels.
The wheel are almost like new. Few rock chips and scratches, nothing major.

Car is reflex silver, with black interior with manual transmission. I am the second owner now. i get props at meets for how clean it is for OEM.

My price would be $10,000 with some room to negotiate. If it doesn't sell, then i have one of the cleanest MKiv, and its a good base to start mods the way I want

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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