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Most of the information is in the title, but here's the skinny:

I'm in Austin currently for school at UT, and I'm looking for a B7 with <100K miles to replace my B6 that got totaled last week (if any of you lurk the B6 forums, it was the one with the mystery misfire that ended up being multiple vac leaks and a bad turbo). I've got $10K as a maximum budget (~$5K from insurance and $5K from me), and would really prefer a Passat that's been well taken care of (why I'm coming to you guys) and hasn't been wrecked or tore up. I'd prefer leather seats and deep black exterior paint, but that's not a dealbreaker for me at this point.

Before anyone puts pictures up of hot garbage, I've gone and looked at 4 private party Passats this week that had visible indications of frame damage, and I lack the time or patience to deal with that anymore. If it helps for putting a deal together, I'll be in Dallas/East Texas this weekend starting Friday afternoon and will be driving up/down the I-35 corridor between ATX and Dallas on the way there/back.

Hopefully y'all can help me out here! Thanks in advance!
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