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Looking for some clarification on my Xflow obd1 swap into 91 jetta mk2. ( and yes i read through the 47+ pages on xflow swap ):beer::beer::beer:

1st : my 02 sensor wire was cut prior to me removing it and there seems to be 5 wires ( what do these wires do? ) 02 is 4wires for obd1 right?

2nd : the ambient air temp sensor that is wired in with the windshield wipers ( is it needed? )

3rd : the top of the obd1 throttle body has a vac port going to the gas tank ( can it be plugged? )

4th : the plug that closest to the MFA also used with the gas vac/charcoal canister ( is this needed? )

5th : to make tac work - of coil goes to cluster either green/black or black/red (anyone know for sure? )

6th : is there only 1 wire for the OBD reader ( i would like to extend the wires for the reader while i am under the dash. )

Thanks for the help :thumbup:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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