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Looking for compact subs.

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I hae the Monsoon system in my Jetta. Keeping the stock look is a very important thing for me so I'm not entertaining upgrading the HU. I intend on improving on my sound, though, by adding a subwoofer with a minimum of space loss in the trunk. I know about the stealth subs that you can put in the spare tire area. Is there one that will take up, say, as much space as the little compartment where the CD changer normally goes (I have an OEM in-dash CD so I don't use that space). Would a custom enclosure on an 8" sub work in that area?
I'm not looking for booming shake the entire street kind of bass so I'm not interested in immense power. I'm looking for clarity. As far as I know, the stock speakers should be good if they're just handling my mid-levels and trebles.
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Re: Looking for compact subs. (boybaha)

Basicly I did the thing you wanted to do, keep the system stock but add a sub that would not take up much space. I put in a Boston Acoustics C110. Its a very small 10" sub in a pre-built box. It uses about half a cubic foot of air space and the box is less than 1'X1'X1'. Check it out here, http://www.bostonacoustics.com/ProductsPage.asp?ProductID=128&SpecID=6&SeriesID=37 Honestly you probably can not go much smaller than that or as you said one of those q-logic or thunderforms. Maybe you could put a 8" sub in the CD changer location but I dont think that would be deep enough but I might be wrong. Check out that boston I showed you, it is pretty small, fits in my 2002 jetta great, and has very good sq. Gooc luck.
Re: Looking for compact subs. (Ruffies)

Thanks Ruffies. Yes, I'm aware that with such a small compact space, the trade off would be the sound quality found in more traditional setups. Still a cubic foot is a lot of space to give up for me (my trunk gets packed all the time). Would you have pictures of how much space in your trunk your Boston Accoustics setup?
Re: Looking for compact subs. (boybaha)

ruffies also pointed me to the c110 system. i did some reading around, and it appears to be the biggest bang in the least amount of space on the market. however, because it has a 2 ohm impedance, you'll need a pretty nice amp to run it. there's also the infinity basslink system, which is also about a cubic foot in size, and has an integrated amp. it'll cost a lot less as a whole, but it's a lot less powerful. the c110 is the way to go if you want power and quality in a small space. if you're willing to spend a lot of money, you can do some custom mods so your sub won't take up any space -- check out this jetta installation on boston acoustic's website:
the guy had someone take apart the c110 and build a custom enclosure which utilized that space where the cd changer normally goes. if you're going to do something like that, there's really no reason to blow $400 on the c110. just have the whole thing custom made...

also, check out my thread on the landspeed mikro-audio system:
mtx also makes a shaped enclosure for the jetta:
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Re: Looking for compact subs. (nimhrat)

I dont have pictures yet but I will try to get some. I really does not take up much space at all, but unlike you I really dont fill my trunk up often. Another way you may go is with a Q-logic box that is loaded with a JL 10W3, which is a great speaker, and goes in/around your spare tire. Once it is installed you would never notice it unless you lifted up your spare tire cover. Then you could put your amp in the CD changer posistion, and everything would be out of the way. I know a few people have had decent sucses with this set up.
But I will try to get a little instant camra and get some pictures so you can see how much space it takes up and how it looks.
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