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I've had several 3.2's, a couple of Mk4 R32 engine, and currently have an Audi A3 lump too. I've had them apart, as I have with the 2.8's too so i know a lot of the differences with these motors.
A mate of mine just got a Toareg engine (i'll get the code later), but he's been told it won't rev past 6000rpm as the crank isn't balanced as well and the crank pulley is too big and heavy. also, he's been told the head has smaller ports and the cams are a much milder profile, and tuned for high torque rather than hp (although perfect for FI). then in the next breath the guy said he could get 300bhp out of it, NA, not FI....hmm, I couldn't help but thin he wanted to buy it off him for himself for some reason?
can anyone confirm or dispel any of this?
the engine is meant to be going in his mk2, he just wants to know if it's worth fitting it or just sell on and go for a BFH R32 lump instead.
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