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looking for numbers on an 85 Mustang GT

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My buddy is picking up an 85 Mustang GT 5.0 w/ the 302. Carb'd. It's completely stock. Any numbers you guys might have on this car would be really appreciated. HP, 0-60, 1/4 mile time, wieght. Anything would be great. Even good modifications to get this car started. I know there are some people on here that know about these wild ponys.
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Re: looking for numbers on an 85 Mustang GT (dfinn)

try http://www.corral.net They have some pretty good info there.
Or http://www.mustanggt.org/
Good Luck.

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Re: looking for numbers on an 85 Mustang GT (dfinn)

I dunno about the 1985, but the 1983 5.0 V8 'Stang had 140 horsepower.
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Re: looking for numbers on an 85 Mustang GT (TabulaRasa)

85 mustang GT huh?

bore: 4 in
stroke 3 in
bore spacing 4.38in
deck height 8.206in
compression height 1.605in
cast iron cylinder heads
combustion chamber volume is 67.5-70.5 cc's
dry engine weight is 568.7 lbs
forged aluminium alloy pistsons
double roller cam drive chain setup
hydraulic roller valve lifters
1.782 in intake valve
1.46 in exhaust valve
forged steel conrods
crank is a nodular cast iron setup
main journal is 2.2486 in. *diameter*
rod journal is 2.1232 in *diameter*
the compression ratio is 8.4:1 on the 5.0L 4V for the 5 speed manual
the 5.0L HO with the 4 barrel carb was rated at 210 horse @ 4400 rpm and 270lb feet @ 3200 rpm
in a 5 speed car it should run anywhere from 6.6-7.2 to 60 depending on the weight of the car and options placed *ac/radio/leather/etc* and the 1/4 mile ranging from 14.8 on up. the main cars that ran 14's have the factory traction lock rear end with a 3.08 or a 3.27 gear from the factory. you should be able to crawl under the rear of the car and check out the plate that's affixed to the housing and see the code.. based on that you'll know if it's a traction lok and what ratio it is

wow..it's not even early and i still spell horrendously.

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