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Looking for ORIGINAL European 337 25th Anniversary headlights? Smoked with glass housing.

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These are made by valeo right! I have a 337 and of course they wouldnt put these on the american versions! Looking for OEM Headlights on the European 337, smoked with glass housing! ----- Not looking for a knock off or similiar light, ONLY THE ORIGINAL LIGHTS that came on the European 337!----- Anyone have any solid links where i could find these or part #s? Thanks to whoever can help me out! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Looking for ORIGINAL European 337 25th Anniversary headlights? Smoked wit ... (CS337)

I've got 'em on my 337 (just did the install 6 wks ago.)
The proper part #'s for our left-hand drive cars are as follows:
OEM Valeo 25th Anniversay GTI headlights, glass lens w/ fogs, PNs 1J1-941-017N (Driver) and 1J1-941-018N (Pass). Headlights come from the factory without bulbs.
If you don't mind waiting a few weeks, I recommend getting them from [email protected] or http://www.teileguru.de His price back in late March was 255-EUR a set before shipping, which is about $270-USD I think. Shipping will only run you $20-USD via German postal service. This is how I got mine, and they arrived in PRISTINE condition packaged very well, and it only took about two weeks. Patrick (Lohr) get them directly from Valeo, cutting out VW as the middleman, thus being able to offer a savings advantage to us.
If you're in more of a hurry, try http://www.hillsideimports.com , or http://www.epimporters.com, or http://www.autobahnx.com They all may have them in stock (I think Hillside does currently.)
Good luck, and if you need more assistance, IM me. Also, don't forget to order yourself a set or leveling motors for them, and the rheostat to control it all. Patrick can get you all of this stuff too (for less $$$) - or any of the shops here in the USA can hook you up!
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Re: Looking for ORIGINAL European 337 25th Anniversary headlights? Smoked wit ... (stomp13)

Not true. Some OEM European halogen headlights come with manual levelling motors installed. They are controlled by the dash dimmer switch/ rheostat. However, levelling motors can be installed in all MKIV headlights that I know of, such that you can manually control the angle of the headlight beams relative to the pavement. You will also need to replace your rheostat with the European version which includes the levelling adjust switch position (US Version just fills in the empty space.) I should know... I have them installed on my 25AE Valeo ecodes.
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