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Need help -> Looking for place to buy silicone hose connectors in IL???

I have an emergency G60 swap I am performing and I need a few silicone connectors for my intake ASAP. I need to have this wrapped up saturday night. I need a few 3" 90 degree connectors a straight 3" connector and a 3" to 2.25" reducer and t-bolt clamps.
I am in the bolingbrook area but I am willing to drive within an hour (1 way) to get them. I have been looking everywhere but I can not find them. If you know where I can get them please give me the company name and phone number or city they are in.
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I have to know very soon because if I do not have a source by thursday 1ish then I have to have them sent next day from ATP - which will require me to ship them one of my limbs for payment

Thanx in advance for any info


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