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Hi, im not new to the tex, but i am new to this forum (i have a new name, my other one got messed up) I have recently gotten into the idea of the cross flow swap. I read the FAQ and it was extremely helpful. But i got some Qs that wert exactly answerd. i will just list some of them to start out with, and that would be great if you could asnwer them, thanks

-Would it be ok if i stuck with the stock A2 fuel pump, or do i need the A3 pump?
-Am i soposed to use the A2 or A3 starter? Does the A2 bult up to the 2.0 fine?
-What flywheel and clutch set up am i to use? I will be using the 1.8l or 16v trany.]
thanks for your help it means a million
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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