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Looking for someone to do a TDI swap in the Midwest

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Anybody know of any shops within a few hundred miles of central Ohio that has done a TDI swap?
I sold my TDI Golf into service as the next race car for my rally team (see sig) because I need the extra space of a wagon. Was thinking I'd get a TDI Jetta wagon when they come out, but I really like the older cars better, and I'd rather spend $5 or $8 grand on a Fox or Quantum Syncro Wagon with a TDI than $22k on an A4.
Sure, I could probably do the swap for myself, but I have a bad record when it comes to completing projects (0/4), so if anybody knows of someplace I can pay to get this done right, in a reasonable amount of time (measured in days or weeks- not months), and will provide references, I'd appreciate it. I can produce the car and all the parts, they just need to get it stuffed in, plumbed, and running.

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