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Looking for the "right" A2 GTI 16v

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I'm in the process of looking for a fun commuter/winter car to take over duties for my newer vehicles which are accumulating mileage faster than I would like.
I'm willing to spend about $3,000 on whatever I buy, and the A2 GTI 16v looks like a good candidate.
What I'm asking from the A2 guys and gals is some helpful advice on looking for the right GTI...
From previous posts in other forums, someone suggested a '91-92 GTI 16v because it's more easily tunable with the Motronic ECU. Does this feature give me any added value over previous years if I choose not to modify the car?
From reading all the specs on www.gti16v.org, It appears that the GTI was 'refreshed' in either '90 or '91 with a slightly larger engine displacement and 11 more hp, bigger 15" BBS wheels, color-keyed trim and mirrors, fog lights, etc. Can someone verify which year this happened or correct me if I'm completely wrong?
Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions and tips you can offer.
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Re: Looking for the "right" A2 GTI 16v (Revelate)

I believe the change is a '90.5 model. I have a '92, and it has all the original stuff. as for being a winter car, uh, you may wish to look elsewhere, like an '86 jetta or something. these aren't real good in the rain either without good splash shields. for 3 grand, don't expect much from a 91-92'. high miles with the original tranny's can cause big problems as people will tell you.
Re: Looking for the "right" A2 GTI 16v (3WheelGTi)

CIS-E 16v can be just a good as the motronic. I would not pay more because the car was motronic.
Re: Looking for the "right" A2 GTI 16v (Revelate)

Hey fellow Kirklandonian

The 91-92 16v's are tough to find around here - but worth it. Check my sig for specs.
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