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Hello guys,

I've never owned any euro's yet but I am very interested in getting one. I currently own a Mazdaspeed3 (bolt ons/turbo upgrade on stock block) but I am looking to change cars I did a bit of research on multiple cars and I'm here to know if theres something I don't know or could learn, peoples experiences, etc.

I am looking to buy used, I plan on putting bolt ons, tune, etc. The Audi S4 and Golf R's are where my main intrest is. If not, I'm also considering the Q50. I heard the year 2012 for the S4 was pretty good. If not I saw a few 2016/2017 golf R's. Was wondering how the maintenance was on a car like the S4, how they age, etc. I'm looking to spend between 25,000-30,000$.

I also have 2 kids (one is currently using a baby seat) So it will need to be 4 doors.
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