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Lot 59 (they be talking smack )

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My friend Bryatt with the white mk3 jetta told me some friends of his at work were telling him that they were talking to rice at 59 and they were saying what pieces of crap we had and how stupid we are for parking across the way. I'm sorry if all our cars have all of their body parts on them and were all one color. And at least our fights over the net have not turned into gun pulling! Anyway sorry for the rant, anyone gonna be out there tonight>?
If you ask me we should all bary the hatchet with a cold one and suppot dub life!
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Re: Lot 59 (rferic18)

Eh... last time I was there, my friend walked around the hondas n stuff... they all had respect for us.. specially the 'faster' ones. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Lot 59 (Juicejetta3)

Yeah, I'm on my way...see ya'll there.
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