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low idle (500) possibly ISV?

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hey i have a 92 slc and it idles at about 500 sometimes.. (basically after its warm but im not sure exactly why it does it [like if its hot or something]) i was looking around on the CCA website and they were talking about a rough idle problem but for them it was the idle was too high. uh does anyone have any ideas on what could be the issue? thanks
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Re: low idle (500) possibly ISV? (Anhizer)

idle screw in the back of throtle body, try adjusting
Re: low idle (stevelangford)

that wont work for an slc...
i dunno what to tell you man... sell the car to me neil, and buy a ford probe
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Re: low idle (sivart321)


try cleaning the ISV... if you are also having problems with it bogging down and almost dying, it could be the coil pack going out.
Re: huh (poorsche)

I have the same problem,
i was thinking o2 sensor? where is the coilpack and how do i tell if it has gone bad?
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