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Well, the bottom line is as you all probably already know: when it comes to upgrading- cheap products become expensive and expensive product become chip.
The roads where I live are bad- no, I mean really BAD. Considering that and the fact that I already had Koni sports on, which made the quality ride pretty hard anyway I thought to get a set of lowering springs to get better handling and looks. (I didn’t consider coilovers cause they don’t come in consideration on roads where it is not so rare to even bent a rim once in a while!)
I did some market search and found up as following: most lowering springs cost here around 150-160 USD, except Eibach (pro-kit) which cost 260 USD. So, I thought “what the hell, they all look much the same, they all lower the car in 30 mm and there is no chance for much difference in ride comfort since after all it is just a spring- not a super charger”. Thinking that I went for the Sparco lowering kit which looked nice coated blue with all the approved quality certifications. Installing the springs cost me another 170$, and the out come was that the car was lowered pretty nice, except I didn’t like the front being noticeably lower then the back. At first drive I was pretty shocked bcs the driving was hard as hell. After 2 months I just couldn’t take anymore- handling or no handling- most of the screws in the car where just starting to get out!!! My back was in pains (NOT exaggerating) and my girl just refused to take my car when going out. I ended with an abounded VR6 at home, lower back pains and some serious gasket oil and gear leaks under the car, a matter that never happened before since I bought my babe from first hand from VW. “never again in my life” I said and had back to change to my original springs. Luckily, some friend of mine with a civic (not such a good friend...) convinced me to try the Eibach springs. I don’t know why I agreed but I was sure that I am about to waste some more money for noting. I was wrong. First, the car looks much better with the rear exactly at same level with the front, but most of all the ride comfort is just the same as with the original springs on good and average roads, and a bit more bumpy on rough roads, but still reasonable. I don’t work in promoting Eibach but let me tell you from my experience- If you want to lower your car and if you are worried about the ride quality regarding its comfort don’t think twice, don’t even think- just get Eibachs’ and save your self a lot of money, car, girl, health problems!!!
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