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Lowest I can go on 16's

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Im going to get suspension for the rocco in a couple of weeks. Im definately going with coilovers. Im still deciding on either FK's or Weitec. Eventually im getting some 16's. Probably 16x8 or16x9's. But I want it as low as possible without any rubbing. I doubt I can tuck the wheels since they will be kinda wide. If anyone can post some pics that would help alot.
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Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (Josh[deady]Able)

I thought that 15s are the biggest ya wanna go on a Rocco?
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Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (Giovanni)

You can fit any size wheel you want on a Roc, I have seen people crazy enough to ride on 18's

From a performance stand point 15's is the biggest I and a lot of others feel one should go. 15's are lighter (means less unsprung weight which is always good), will allow you to put more tire on the wheel then a 16 or up, and will handle a better on the road (from my experience and from other people statements).
But like it the saying goes different strokes for different folks http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (HowlinMonkey)

why do you feel you need 16x9s?
i have 16x7's with a 95mm front 105mm rear drop
no rubbing. (well a little tiny bit)
i have 205-40s on 7" wide, and they look fine. if you had a 9" wide, 205 would look bad. too stretched to fit on that wide of a rim. you be better suited with a 9" wide to go with a 225, or even a 235 width.
but then again, 235 is waaaay to wide for the rear of a rocco. think of all that rolling resistance...

my $0.02
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Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (rockin16v)

Too much rolling resistance? hmmm, simple, add more hp.
Oh, and it also looks so schweeet!! MMMM, deep dish, MMMMM
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Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (hoodita)

I had 16x7.5 with a 34 et on my scirocco 1 with h&r coilovers. I couldn't get it too low in the front, b/c of the coilover lock nut on the inside tire edge and the tire getting close to the outer fender (which was trimmed way back.) The rear was fine, no clearance issues there. This was with 205/40/16 tires. Check out my sig link for 'desert wind' there are some pics with the 16"s on coilovers. I was able to get it about an inch lower with 15"s, and could go lower if I wanted to.
Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (hoodita)

do 17x7.5 with a 32mm offset and a little inner fender well lip cutting and they will tuck and not rub !!!
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Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (hoodita)

Thanks for the replys. I would like to get 16x9's but I want my rocco pretty low. So I dont know maybe I will just go with 7-1/2 inch wide 16's.
Re: Lowest I can go on 16's (hoodita)

I just got 16x7 on mine. Check it out. Not lowered yet. Ill find out if it is going to rub this week. http://www.geocities.com/no_rice/page2.html
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