World Endurance Championship racer and 2016 Formula E runner up, Lucas di Grassi, had a better birthday than you. That’s because for his birthday di Grassi shot his friends with paintball guns while racing go-karts.

Either one of those activities fills me with overwhelming glee, but di Grassi combined the two proving once and for all that his life is just better than mine.

Inspired by Mario Kart, di Grassi took to the town of Granja Vianna, Brazil’s premiere Go-Karting track with paintball guns and filmed the whole thing.

The video is hectic and messy, and I’m not really sure exactly what happens in it, but the result exciting and oddly engaging—which is kind of how I imagine participating Go-Kart-Paintball would have felt.

paintball kart II

After the racing finishes the video takes a tally of the bruises and, like in dog-fighting, it looks like the best angle of attack is from behind. One of di Grassi’s friends removes his shirt to reveal two or three sizeable welts.

If there’s a better way to spend a birthday, I haven’t heard of it.