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What is the thread size on MK IV lugs? Also, I know this has been posted before, but I need to prove a point to somebody. Is there any chance of fitting a currently manufactured coilover without rubbing on an MK IV without spacers when running 38mm offset 17" by 8" wheels with 225/45/17 tires? Thanks.

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Re: lug thread size and offset (Al Bob)

BB 14X1.5 28UL 17H BB, Ball Seat-Bolt, (not a nut in this case),
14mm size, 1.5mm thread pitch, 28mm usable length, 17mm socket size,
which is the same on a VW's.
Almost all after market lug hdw uses Conical seat. This is why you typically don't want to use OEM lug hdw with aftermarket wheels. All wheels sold by TTR requiring new lug hdw will be supplied to you at n/c. If different lug hdw is required, OEM locks will not work either.
Other OEM lug hdw (diff VW models), B12X1.5 17H

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