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Since BMW just pulled their V8 powerred M3 out of GT racing, does anyone know if they are still going to build the M3 GTR? It was going to be a limited run; the only reason they were going to build it was for homologation. Since the race car is no longer in competition, do they still have to build a run of road cars? Most of the cars probably would have been bought by GT racers that could afford it; the price tag was going to be over $100,000
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Re: M3 GTR (speedracer82)

Yeah, I know Hartge is making an M3 with the M5 V8 in it. I'm curious if BMW is still making the M3 GTR that was required to be available as a road car for them to race one in GT.
Re: M3 GTR (garbage)

Yeah they're still making the M3 GTR even though they are not racing this season because FIA said they were not following the spirit of some crap or another.
Still, I'll take an inline-6 powered BMW. V8's do nothing for me.
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