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Re: (pedro_sandchez)

This is awesome. I'm a computer engineer type, and i'm definitely going to try this out. My A3 is on order, won't get here till June/July, so I have some questions. Especially about the A3 interior, since I only saw one once on my test drive, and it didn't have the nav+ in it. Where would you mount the pc/mac? Under a seat, in the boot, up front?
Here are the main issues that come to mind:
1. Power - I'm guessing it you need to wire it to the car battery, if not how are you handling this?
2. Display - I saw you have a touch screen, which is cool. Is there room for it via the nav+ up front? Anyway to hook into the nav+ display?
3. Input Devices - Same thing, as display. Touch screen or nav+, or even something else? Wireless keyboad w/touchpad build in would work too.
4. Audio - Wiring it into the bose shouldn't be THAT difficult, but this is my first VAG car, so I have no idea what I'm up against.
5. Internet Access - I'm thinking there's got to be a way with a cell phone to do this. I have a blackberry, and i know there's ways to connect laptops to it for broadband access via bluetooth.

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