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Made up my mind in lowering...

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So after buying my eGolf, in the beginning, I made a decision not to lower it. Now that I've owned it for a year, I felt like it needed more handling to go with this peppy electric motor. I set a budget of $250 and the research begins.

I come across Emanuele Design linear springs. From what I read, they were exactly what I was looking for. A lowering spring with OEM spring rate that isn't progressive or stiff. Bad news, no one really made lowering springs for the eGolf. I research curb weights for all the 2016 Golf models. Here's what I found:

Golf = 2950lbs.
GTi = 3000lbs.
SportWagen = 3200lbs.
GolfR = 3300lbs.
eGolf = 3390lbs.

Going back to Emmanuele Design, I ordered a linear spring set for a SportWagen. Luckily they were on sale from $280 to $238 shipped!

I compared the stock springs with the lowering springs. It got me a little nervous, especially knowing the eGolf was almost 200lbs. heavier.

Started the install at 10am and finished up at 2pm this past Saturday. Been driving on them now for almost a week and I am so glad I decided to do it.

I slapped on my old circa '05 19" summer wheels and fell in love with my eGolf again.

Here's a little video of it.

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The stance is much improved. Let us know if you see a range change from the wheel/tire swap ( I assume the tires are not an LRR type ) Looks good!
Yes it has thanks! I will reinstall the stock wheels in a month or two and report back on the range.
5 years later... I'm reporting back with 44k miles, so that makes it roughly 35k miles on the lowered springs and stock shocks. Shocks are definitely toast. The height did drop more, but it's most likely due to the dead shocks.

Time to shop for new shocks and struts. Deciding on a set of Bilstein B8. Anyone have experience with those on their eGolf?
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With 38k miles on these springs, I finally pulled the trigger on a Koni Active shock and strut kit. ECS Tuning had a sale on them. I was a little under the weather, but I took my time installing them. I started in the rear on Tuesday and did the fronts on Wednesday. Drove it to work yesterday and noticed the difference immediately, especially coming home. The drive home is a bit more rougher, so that was the true test. Anyway, here are the pics.
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