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MAF Question

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I have been running my OEM filter and brand new MAF for 1100KM, with no new CELs. (knock on wood)
I keep looking at my K&N sitting there and want to put it back in. If only to get my $ worth.
How many of you run them sans-oil? Is this problematic? I don't want the oil to ruin another MAF.. that's the dilemma.
Anyone going in dry? I used piperx oil last time.. I'd switch to K&N if I were to re-oil it... but would prefer to simply clean it, and chuck it back in.
The first time I only got like 50km then I got my error... so that piperx stuff seems like trouble.
Maybe I'll sell the K&N panel filter and say screw it...
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Re: MAF Question (Plucker)

I ran a K&N panel for a long time and never had a problem. I've only heard of people having problems with them when they put too much oil on.
Re: MAF Question (Plucker)

Running the K&N dry would be like running without an air filter; not recommended.
MAFs fail on NBs running the OEM paper filter too; mine just went out last month at 30K miles, and I've always run the stock filter. Everything was clean; no oil; the MAF just failed and triggered the CEL.
I'd stay with the stock filter for a number of reasons. The K&N is just fine sitting on your workbench....not risking your engine or hurting anything there.
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