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Re: Magnaflow Vs TT (theonetobeat)

I am strong sounding

Just jokin
If I were shoppin I would consider magnaflow if there were another group buy.
They have been called "bad biz" when one of their foold shot his mouth off. But the bottom line is they have been backed by alot of testimonials from people I would trust
Just look back a couple of days or search

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Re: Magnaflow Vs TT (FFWD)

im the "foold" who shot off his mouth. I was just repsonding to comments made that did'nt pertain to the magnaflow post i made, And i think you can ask anyone on the vortex about me and know i've bent over backwards to get people product, the help them out when they've had problems.
The real problem is people dont nkow all there info and freak out over a small comment, and Magnaflow has never been called "bad Biz" because of my comments.
Lastly when was the last time (other than forced motion) you saw any of these tuners openly asking for what people thought of their systems. Simple fact is i work for a large company, who produces alot of systems for alot of vehicles, but my love is with dub's. Im know up here for working at MF so i make sure to answer any and all posts pertaining to us or our product. I dont get paid to do this,
im a graphic designer i do it cuz i stand behind our stuff.
please dont "spread any more junk" w/o first considering all sides. I was defending our product, when someone answered a post of "what do magnaflow system owners think of their cat-backs"
and im sure one of the poll trolls put in the topic "buy a tt w/ borla"
they didnt respond with, "next time ill buy a tt", but buy a tt, which sounds to me like "i dont own magnaflow, nor would i so lets post something off topic"
anyhow, i appoligized for the comment and edited the post. If you have any doubts about me or how i stand behind our product or help people w/ exhaust questions, just make a post about
3 strikes and im out

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