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Ok i checked the DIY faqs for the answer or a clue and i was shocked to see that it didnt have it in there. Ok i got a check engine light i went to autozone got the code its a P1426 which said egi mini MAF failed out of range. I know it says MAF so that pretty much tells me the problem but see i have been having problems stemming from my AC which is running like crap. I put half a can of R134 in it while i ran the AC on high, it started blowing cold air so i left it alone. I put the rest of the can in it later and now its back to blowing warm air and my fans start running even after the car is off and it aint hot. I have read plenty from the search columns and there were plenty of the same question but there were never any answers to them so. I did what some said and checked fuses, relays, pulled a couple put them back on. So after doing all that my check engine light came on and here i am now with that code. Anybody have a clue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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