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My girlfriend has been driving the Golf for about a year now. It has a modded airbox and an APR chip. As of late it was lost a lot of power...its slower than stock with no top end. I hear much less of the turbo and DV than I used to. It was come up with a few codes. I do know it needs new plugs, they are 40k old. It runs good still, very smooth, just no power. A hot or cold engine makes no differance.
p0420 Catalyst Efficency below threshold bank 1
p0171 System too lean back 1
p0300 randon/multiple misfire
p0301/2 Cyl 1 & 2 misfire
From what I've searched, the P0420 code is a toss up between the B1 O2 and the Cat. I havent read of anyone having the p0420 code and a major power loss. Everytime I've had a cat go on a car it was honeycomb melting down and it was worse when the engine was hot and in a short while the car couldnt move. This time she's been driving with it for a month or so.
If it is the cat what issues will I run into putting a test pipe on? Its cheap and at some point I want to go to a full 3" turbo back. Plus in Florida I can operate the car with no cat and not have any legal issues.
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