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Making "highs" even brighter?(wiring question)

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i have a gti front end, and i want to know how i make all 4 lights come on with my highs, not jut the inner 2. i want the lows to stay on with my highs. how do i go about doing this? thanks.
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Re: Making "highs" even brighter?(wiring question) (2.0Lilpat)

Easy...you need to make a jumper in one of the blank relay locations. Go to http://www.gti-vr6.net and look up the library in lighting. There is a way to do this, I have it, just can't remember the jumper location. Made mine out of some flat spade connectors and a small chunk of 16 gauge wiring, then soldered it to the spades, inserted it into the relay location and bam - instant high beams with lows AND fogs too (with the euro switch)
Re: Making "highs" even brighter?(wiring question) (Red Baron Golf)

got it! thanks.

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