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To start things off, this will be a living first post. I'm sure it will change many times, by many people. With that being said, I (03_uni-B) might as well dive right in.

A few of us (03_uni-B, Agentmaddock, ridefast07) have a sickness. And whether all of us will admit it or not, it's a real thing. We have each owned multiple vw's and comically 28793465724 mk4's, not including ones we have parted to help others live on. So, here we are, currently with 3 mk4's in the driveway, 1 in the woods, and multiple engines, transmissions and many parts in a storage unit. And a certain mk2 popping in now and again.

We wanted to start a thread on vortex (why not?? it's still the cool thing to do, and by far better than Instagram fame, or stupid facebook pages) to help keep up with all our mk4 activities. For multiple reasons. First off, to share. I know myself (03_uni-b) wouldn't have met either of these guys if it wasn't for these stupid cars. And that can be said for many awesome and knowledgeable people along the way. Second, to help keep us motivated in what we are doing, not that we need motivation, its a sickness remember? Third, a place for use to post things that we find relevant. Such as; DIY's, other threads with good information, parts, companies to buy from, etc. And lastly, the greatest reason of them all, because we are making mk4's gReat again! (that will make total sense eventually I promise)

With that out of the way, might as well highlight the 3 of us that will be doing the work. Or two, depending on who you talk to...

Here are our previous cars.

03_uni-B - (the main reason I am returning, I have unfinished business)

DSC_2168 by John Bennett, on Flickr

Agent Maddock - 47 mk4's, current owner of the "gorf", and mad scientist behind a lot of this...

DSC_5131 by John Bennett, on Flickr

ridefast07 - The enabler. Since he isn't here I can honestly write whatever I want about him.....but I guess I'll refrain for now. His old TDI which got parted and used for one of Agent Maddock's cars

-Marc (03_uni-B)

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Bringing back the 'Tex, one thread at a time

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making mk4's gReat again

Because I think ridefast07 will be slow on updating, and I am sitting here at work currently, I am going to update what we currently have going on.

Quick backstory, car started as a 12v auto. Agentmaddock and ridefast swapped 12v's and a made it a manual. That brings us to the current project, the 12 that was swapped had a ghost miss. Low compression on multiple cylinders. So, they picked up a 24v. Since I can't leave well enough alone....I offered/forced a shaved and tuck bay into the plans of the new swap.

So, out came the 12v. Magically only took a couple hours.

Last night we sat down and started to make this thread, without alex present. Then I decided to start pulling the harness. Somewhere in the middle alex arrive and decided he would start cutting off brackets and unneeded studs.

Roadkill Style to-do list

Strip harness
Plan for rerouting harness
Strip seam sealer
Strip spare core support for mocking
Templates for holes to fill
Put valve cover and timing chain on engine
Rehang trans
Pull fenders, liners and hood
Plan PS res
Battery relo to trunk

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Going to keep this post as a collect all as I gather information. I'm sure it will become more organized over time. But for now, it will be a little bit of a mess and contain mostly shaved bay links.

Shaved Bay - inspiration and DIY's

Shaved, Tucked, Customized Engine Bays, Pics, Theory, Discussion

DuB Fresh's- Out with the Pulp Winter Build Thread

The build after its built...24v shaved bay 20th AE

I .:R'eady

Tyler James Inc's Basic Bitch


Im Devin, this is my Jetta.

DIY: Ultimate SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP Delete

EVAP Video

AWD Swap

Nate's AWD Build Thread

AWD Swap Notes

So I just got a message back from NS_PHATGLI who if anyone remembers did the haldex conversion on his blue Jetta GLI and was the only one I could find who used the stock Haldex controller and wiring instead of an aftermarket one. To confirm my guess, you can use a standard ABS module for it as long as it is one of the newer ones with ESP. The sensor attached to the steering column under the dash has to be changed to the R32 one (I think the connector is even the same so it is just a simple swap) and only a few wires have to be run from the haldex. There are 7 wires on the haldex controller that have to be connected.

1) 5A fuse S231
2) Ground
3) Brake light switch
4) Parking brake
5) K wire
6) No Connection
7) CAN -
8) CAN + (These can be found on the back of the cluster, the ECU, or the ABS module)

There is a jumper between pins 38 and 12 on the ABS module. This needs to be removed and moved over to pins 14 and 39 to tell it that it is AWD. That is it for the wiring.

There may be some recoding with VAG COM, but that can be done later easily.

Told you it was easy Marc ;)

Anthony's VRT Build - including 3.2 head on a 2.8
The ultimate Alternator and alternator bearing R&R DIY
Multi-function to 3 spoke
Retrofit ESP

Clutch change
Notes from clutch change,

34. Replacement Part #s
a. Socket Head bolt with inner multipoint head/Flywheel Bolt N 909 294 01 x10
b. 12 point head pressure plate bolt +N 903 207 01 x6
c. Rear Main Oil Seal b 021 103 051 c
d. Clutch Release Bearing 02M141671B
e. Clutch Master Cylinder N/A
f. Clutch Plate and Pressure Plate b o22 141 015 t(or)tx
g. Stretch bolts for dogbone mount and drivers side engine
mount (Drivers Side Engine Mount N 102 096 03 x2)
(Dogbone Mount n 102 683 02 X2 N 102 466 04 X1 N 905 970 02 x1)
h. Replace seals/o rings between transmission and transfer case 02M 409 203 & N 904 837 01 & N 028 222 2

Torque Specs
Engine to Transmission and Transmission to Transfer case
1. M12 Bolts - 80NM
2. M10 Bolts 45NM
Transmission Mount to Transmission
1: 50NM + 90degree turn
Transmission Mount to Chassis
1. 100NM
Pressure Plate to Dual Mass Flywheel
1. 22NM

Motor Mount Bracket -> Block:
* Stock bolt is not a stretch bolt. Does not need to be replaced every time.
* If you want to use a non-stock bolt, replace with Grade 10.9 bolts with flanged head, zinc plated.
(1) M10 x 1.5 x 112mm
(2) M10 x 1.5 x 86mm

Motor Mount -> Motor Mount Bracket:
* Stock bolt is a stretch bolt. Replace every time.
* If you want to use a non-stock bolt, replace with Grade 10.9 bolts, zinc plated. Head type can be flanged head or you can use a standard head + hardened washer.
(2) M12 x 1.5 x 65mm

Motor Mount -> Chassis:
* Stock bolt is a stretch bolt. Replace every time.
* If you want to use a non-stock bolt, replace with Grade 10.9 bolts, zinc plated with flanged head.
* Bolt length can be longer. There is plenty of space under there.
(2) M10 x 1.5 x 60mm

Note on grades.... I recently purchased the BFI stg1 total replacement motor and trans mount. They packaged these mounts with Grade 12.9 hardware.
According to bolt depot the difference between grade 10.9 and 12.9 hardware are the following:
10.9 vs 12.9
proof load: 830 vs 970 MPa (12,000 vs 14,000 PSI)
Min. Yield Strength: 940 vs 1100 MPa (13,600 vs 16,000 PSI)
Min Tensile Strength: 1040 vs 1220 MPa (15,000 vs 17,600 PSI)

Mk5 R32 3.2 Swap
Mk5 r32 is a BUB also found in the touareg, phaeton, EOS, mk5 r32, A3, Q7, Cayenne.
Sure they are. Drops right in and can run on mk4 management. Just swap over the VVT, upper timing chain cover, CPS, and fuel rail (mk5 r32 are returnless fuel rails).

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The first step is admitting you have a problem....
Second step, start a thread gathering others who will encourage your problem.

In for updates.:thumbup:

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I'll be honest, I don't even know who's car this is Is this just a community car for the three of you to tri-own? Lol

I'm honored to be mentioned though ❤

I know it'll be an awesome thread, and will probably encourage me to keep chippin away at mine.

You know I'm always willing to help with whatever I can... from halfway across the US

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Alex (ridefast07) owns the silver jetta that is getting shaved and a 24v. He also has a black 2.slow golf that you will see at somepoint.

I (John - Agentmaddock) have a r32 swapped silver gti and a black 1.8t 5speed jetta that I'm trying to resurrect.

And Marc owns...well he currently doesn't own a mk4. He's just living vicariously through our mk4's until he comes to his senses and sells the mullet machine.

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Here are my (Agentmaddock) current mk4's. Not a lot will be happening with the gti, but the black car will hopefully be daily-able soon so I can do stuff to the gti.

P.s. the votex was real and is now gone. Never been a big fan of them and the proceeds from it are funding quite a few other things.

I also have this. which is going in storage for the winter. Not sure if it will be staying or leaving in the spring. :confused:
DSC_6991 by John Bennett, on Flickr

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Mullet machine
You spelled crowd smasher wrong.
He already spilled the beans that he's- supposedly- getting another Mk4...or 2?

Well, thanks for the pictures of the cars- looking forward to seeing the progress on them

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:thumbup::thumbup: I like where this is going. I've been depressed about how much this forum has changed. So many people have gone elsewhere
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