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Malfunctioning door lock - Anybody know where the "closed/open" door sensor is and how to fix?

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When I go to lock the car with the unlock button, the driverside door does not lock, but the alarm activates. The alarm does not go off when the armed door is open, and the "open-door" chime & "lights-on" chime do not activate.
I sprayed some wd-40 into the door latch mechinism and everything worked fine for about a day or so. I'm guessing the sensor is in the door latch mechinism, and am wondering if I just need a better lubricant, or if the sensor needs to be cleaned, or I have a poor electrical connection.
Any thoughts or ideas? Anybody had this problem before? Thanks!
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Re: Malfunctioning door lock - Anybody know (spaceman_spiff)

Wow... this topic came back from the dead! I actually spoke to a VW Tech (great guy) a week or so ago and he confrimed exactly what you're saying (spaceman_spiff).
He mentioned that there is some sort of circuit board integrated within the door latch that controls the alarm, door chimes, lights, remote functions, etc... that goes bad. This circuit board, of course cannot be fixed / replaced without changing the entire latch assembly. The tech also mentioned that replacing it myself would be a chore and that I should possibly give VW Customer Care a call to ask if they will cover all or part of the costs of replacement.
I think I might be screwed with VW Care though... the covered my last window regulator fix and said it would be a "one-time" courtesy fix... so we'll see.

Thanks for the info, though!
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