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This year's event is going to be extra special because we will have:
-Mark Malone flying in from B.C. Canada
-Ken Duncan from BuzzKen Exhausts driving all the way from Toronto
-JFettig "the guy who came up with the CR170 kit" from Minnesota
-Andrew and Angelica from AARodriguez/FixMyVW.com
If you've never been to SOWO, you have to go at least once, you'll probably go back again. I think last year there was 4000-5000 VW, Audi and BMWs out there. It really takes over a complete city, which is pretty neat in itself, it's German themed town unlike anything you've ever seen, especially when the dubs take over.


If you want to get a tune this year at SOWO and save 10% AND you don't want to pay $20 to drive into the showfield gates to get to the tuning area you MUST pre-register.

You can pay for your tune in full right now and save 10% using coupon code SOWO2015, or you can just place a deposit and talk with us at the show to figure out what tune is best for you. So far, every year there has been so many people the cell towers have crashed and cell phone internet hasn't been available. This also means that we haven't been able to charge credit cards and people haven't been able to send PayPal payments, please keep this in mind.

Everyone who pre-registers for tuning will receive a pass to enter the showfield gates free of charge. Those who don't will pay $20 drive into the showfield.

Free Tune Raffle!!!

We're going to do a fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the TDIClub to help with maintaining the website. These will be sold as raffle tickets, $20 each, raising a total of $800 that will be donated to Fred's TDIclub after all tickets have been purchased.

A drawing will be done live at SOWO to determine the lucky winner, you don't have to be at the drawing, but you do have to attend SOWO to get the tune that is being raffled off.
Tickets to raise funds that will be donated to the TDIclub are now available here, currently we'll have a limit of 1 per family, we're only going to sell 40 tickets, get them while they last.
If you miss out on those you'll still be able to purchase a tune at SOWO.


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I keep going back and forth on whether or not to do this. ugh!!

But just so you guys know, the links posted aren't working. It says the page is not found. :(
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