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Manual Transmission Technique

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I just purchased a 2000 Passat GLX manual transmission. I drove a 74 Beetle years ago but have been driving an automatic for the past 15 years. I'm thrilled with my Passat and shift fairly smoothly. What I'm not used to is being left behind off the line (red light). I accelerate smoothly but slowly in 1st gear, yet the Neon beside me or the Dodge van are long gone. I just want to accelerate with the traffic along side me. Any advise would be appreciated concerning shifting technique. Thanks
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Re: Manual Transmission Technique (Mandak)

You could rev your engine, shift into first, and let off the clutch real quick...
I'm sure you'll get off the line much faster... hehehe
Actually, this is my first stick and I'm wondering about the same thing. I've been able to compensate a bit by anticipating the light and riding the friction point just before the light turns. That way I don't wait for my foot to come up while the light is green.
But once off the line, I have trouble with getting to 2nd. One thing I noticed about the V6 5-speed, quickly shifting from 1st to 2nd smoothly is a little tough... . It just doesn't seem the engine RPM's drop fast enough to get a quick shift into 2nd.
Anyone with suggestions? Comments?
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Re: Manual Transmission Technique (VWtoLuv)

I don't know what you guys are talking about. In my car, I have to make a conscious effort to slow down and not embarrass myself by getting too far in front of everyone else. It's not like the 525 has loads of torque, either. Seriously though, 1st gear is always the hardest when learning (or re-learning), and after a few months you'll forget you ever had concerns about this.
Re: Manual Transmission Technique (Mandak)

One thing I have noticed is that my V6 manual is a little sluggish off the line. However, if I turn off ASR, rev it to 3500RPM and drop the clutch, I'm off like a rocket. Not good for the clutch (nor the tires), but everyone except sports cars are left behind.
One thing I have noticed, if I start to come off the clutch first and then begin to hit the gas, the car will definitely be slow. If I start to give it a little gas and then come off the clutch, she starts much quicker without the dramatics from the first paragraph. Still, it took me a few months to really get used to the clutch. I find that shifting is much smoother when done around 3500-4000 RPM, but that could just be me.
Re: Manual Transmission Technique (Mandak)

1 st gear is short. I never had to let my engine go beyond 3500 RPM at any gear.
Still I will be the first guy to pull ahead from the traffic. If you rev up and let the clutch , your front tires will spin like hell especially in uphill. It is not good for car.
V6 passat rhythm comes at 3000 rpm. At uphill highway the response is very lively at 3000 RPM.I tried it on GrandPrix GT. I was disappointed.
V6 high RPM engine noise is not good.I hate it.
Re: Manual Transmission Technique (Mandak)

I see you have a 2000 so this probably isn't the case but, if you are still breaking that engine in, I wouldn't change anything right now. Slow and gentle is the way to go.
Later on, I'd guess you are just being too cautious with 1st gear or maybe with the throttle in general. Our Passat is a Tip and a 4 banger but until recently I drove a Mazda pickup with less torque and HP but a manual transmission. In day to day traffic I had no problem keeping up with traffic and in most cases pulling away from it at lights. The Passat, even with the 1.8T and the Tip, similarly has no trouble keeping up with traffic. Most of the time a full throttle acceleration from a light would put me many car lengths ahead of everyone else by the time I reach the speed limit. A V6 with a manual should be a car length or two ahead of me under the same conditions

Now don't take that the wrong way. The Passat will not keep up with every car out on the road, it's not the quickest by any means. But keeping up with normal traffic moving at a normal pace should be no effort for it at all.
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Re: Manual Transmission Technique (Mandak)

Congratulations on the new purchase, you're going to like the car.
I've noticed the same thing with my car. I think the main issue is the shift from 1st to 2nd. It's very difficult to make a smooth, fast shift from 1st to 2nd with the V6. It's easier if you rev to at least 3000 in 1st gear. When you shift to 2nd and while your pressing the clutch with your left foot, keep your right foot on the gas. Don't let the revs fall too much. The whole idea is to match the engine speed to the new gear that you are shifting into.
One of the factors entering into the shifting process is the electronic throttle. (drive by wire) That's the only feature on this car that I don't like. Because of that, and the fact that the engine is so quiet, it is difficult to know where the engine is rpm-wise.
What kind of shoes are you wearing when you're driving? If you are wearing a good quality running shoe with ample cushioning, then your foot won't be able to feel the accelerator pedal as well as it should. Don't get me wrong - you'll be able to drive fine - it's just that you'll have to compensate for the padding of the shoe when applying pressure to the gas pedal.
So bottom line - if you rev to at least 3000 and practice your shifting , you'll have no problem outrunning Neons.
Also check out http://www.clubb5.com for a lot of good info on Passats. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Manual Transmission Technique (stratovw)

Thanks to all who have responded to my question so far. After having read your suggestions, my shifting, both off the line and in general is getting better. There is aggressive, gentle and "wus" shifting. I was clearly in the "wus" category because of the learning phase and I have been over cautious about reving the engine (rarely beyond 3000 rpm). PhilHVW also gave me some good advise: "Live a little...and have fun with your new car."
What a great resource for info. Thanks again.
Re: Manual Transmission Technique (Mandak)

For up-shifting you have to consciously lift off the gas before (B5
) engaging the clutch. This allows the rpms to drop and accomodates the lag in the drive by wire. The fact that the clutch engages so high doesn't help either. After a few weeks hopefully it will become natural.
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