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hey all.... I'm really wanting to dyno my '86 GTI, and am wondering if this dyno day at Matrix has been cancelled or what? did we never get the 10 people? Please let me know what's going on with this...
And if nothing else, does anyone know what i'll get charged to dyno my car by itself on a saturday, or sunday? or does anyone want to go in with me, and maybe we can save a few $$$? let me know.. thanks!

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Re: MATRIX DYNO DAY!!!!! (DrewBuiltVW)

If you feel like making the drive up to Kirkland.......
Date: Saturday March 9th
Time:For those running, arrive between 9:30am-10am. First run at 10am.
For those coming to hang out, feel free to stop by whenever.
The runs should take at least a few hours.
Price: $65 per vehicle.
$10 extra for air/fuel ratio
Price includes: At least 2-3 runs or until your vehicle is producing a consistent read out (up to 5 runs).
You are also given a choice of a "thrasher" run (a run through all gears).
Minimal tuning between runs is allowed. Such as air cleaner swaps,chip swaps,etc. (5 min. limit)
Even if your vehicle is not the high HP cranking monster you'd like it to be, this is a fun event
For those of you that have yet to visit Carb Conn's facilities or need directions, check them out here: http://www.carbconn.com/
And a reminder, this event is open to all of you who would like to just swing by and hang out. There is a large parking lot and can accommodate 50+ cars easily.
Thanks in advance for everyone's interest in this event
P.S. There will also be a lunch GTG at the local Azteca (12015 124th Ave NE)afterwards for any that wish to show up for some chips,salsa, and tequila

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Re: MATRIX DYNO DAY!!!!! (A-Money)

off their web page...
"Dyno Rates
The dyno is available hourly, daily and for baseline runs.
Baseline: 3-5 pulls $75.00
Hourly: includes Horiba $125.00
Daily: includes Horiba and multiple cars$550.00

yeah it is 550 for the average group rate but give them a call i am sure they are willig to work with ya if there are only a couple of guys that only want 2-3 runs each..plus they have a soft spot for VW's or is that a hard spot???josh ?
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