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MATTIG 2 bar badgeless GTI a3

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just got it, and had it painted, put it on, and one of the clips just under the left headlight will NOT stay clipped over the lil hump its supposed to stay over....im pissed...it just pops out like an inch or so, actually not even that noticable....but these companies TRY OUT their prods on the car its supposed to go on right?!?!
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Re: MATTIG 2 bar badgeless GTI a3 (98vwgti)

I had the same problem with my Jom grille (you're talking about the left meaning driver side right?). I took the headlight, and grille off and gave the place where it connects a few whacks with a 16oz mallet and now it clips in fine. I think I have heard other people with the same issue so it might be a production issue.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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